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Hypoxis (Star Grass)

More Information About Hypoxis

Hypoxis is a bulb-forming genus of roughly 90 species with a worldwide distribution. Over 60 Hypoxis species live in Africa, while only 8 species are native to the US. Hypoxis is now in its own family Hypoxidaceae which is closely aligned with the Iris and Amaryllis families.

The genus hypoxis is predominantly composed of grassland plants that prefer plenty of summer rainfall, well drained soils and full sun. Several species (including Hypoxis rooperi) are popular in South Africa as herbal cure-alls and immune system boosters. They are currently being studied as a treatment for diabetes, AIDS and other diseases.

Hypoxis leaves are iris-like and may be enclosed in a sheath that makes it look as if the plant has a stem. Hypoxis flowers are almost always yellow and appear in the spring or early summer in clusters of 2-12. Try combining Hypoxis with other bulb plants such as alstroemeria, rhodophiala, or oxalis to create pleasing, colorful combinations. When you're ready to buy hypoxis (star grass) for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of hypoxis for sale.