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More Information About Cremastra

The orchid genus Cremastra is very small, containing just 4 species all native to eastern Asia (eastern Russia, Himalayas, Korea, Japan, China). Cremastra orchids are small bulbous plants that produce just one or two leaves and several small flowers on a single inflorescence. They are also unusual in that they are summer dormant. Cremastra leaves emerge in fall and overwinter above ground. They bloom in late spring just prior to disappearing for the summer. Cremastra flower stalks will have up to 30 narrowly tubular, pale colored flowers and are generally just 1-2 feet tall. In China, cremastra bulbs are cooked and used as a medicine to treat sores.

Like many hardy orchids, cremastra prefers woodland conditions...partial sun and organically rich, well-drained, consistently moist soil. In their native habits, cremastra may grow in a humus layer as much as 2' thick, so really lay on the compost when building your planting bed. Try combining cremastra with other hardy orchids such as cypripedium, calanthe, and bletilla to create a little orchid haven in your backyard. This is one of the more hard-to-find of the hardy orchids for sale, so get them while they are hot!