Banana plants have long been a favorite of gardeners in temperate climates but many banana cultivars are much more cold hardy than you might think. We offer banana trees that are cold hardy north of USDA hardiness zone 7. But even if you are in a more chilly part of the world, you can still enjoy an ornamental banana leaf plant in a container. Just be aware that banana plants can grow large very quickly so start big and re-pot every 3 years.

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Cold hardy ornamental banana plants for sale and potted banana leaf plants for indoor gardening.

Many Americans assume that there is just a single banana plant but in fact there are several species of banana trees and hundreds of cultivars. The term 'Banana' is used to describe any member of the family Musaceae which includes both edible plants and sun-loving ornamental summer perennials for the garden or outdoor / indoor containers. The banana plant family contains 3 genera; Musa (the common banana tree), Musella (the dwarf banana plant), and Ensete (a mid-sized ornamental banana plant). Edible fruit comes from hybrids of the genus Musa.

All three genera of banana plants are ornamental and produce large, tropical looking plants. Most banana plants are not hardy enough for temperate gardens but luckily, a few like Musa basjoo migrated to cold mountain tops in their native countries and evolved some degree of cold tolerance. We search out the cold hardy members, propagate them and place these banana plants for sale through our on-line plant catalog. In fact, Plant Delights Nursery strives to have the largest number of cold hardy banana trees for sale on the internet.

A banana tree excels as a tropical looking garden perennial with its large, tropical, sometimes colorful leaves along with large, exotic flowers and occasional fruit. The banana leaf plant also makes a wonderful potted plant for patio gardens and indoor gardening.

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