Musa balbisiana var. balbisiana

Balbisiana Hardy Banana

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Item #: 17448

Zones: 7b to 10b

Dormancy: Winter

Height: 240" tall

Culture: Sun to Part Sun

Origin: China, Papua New Guinea, Sikkim region of India, Vietnam

Pot Size: 3 qt. (2.8 L)

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Musa balbisiana is a little-known but amazingly winter hardy banana species, found from Sikkim south to Papua New Guinea, where it resides at elevations of up to 4,000'. Musa balbisiana, along with Musa acuminata are the parents of most commercial bananas. Musa balbisiana is a surprisingly winter hardy as an ornamental, in addition to being the fastest and largest banana we grow. In just over two years, our clump has already topped 20' in height, even after enduring winter temperatures of 11 degrees F.