Sun Hostas


Hostas are wonderful perennial plants that make excellent choices for landscaping areas that typically do not get direct sunlight each day. In the wild however, most hostas grow naturally in sun. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when planting if you want them to perform well. You should plant hostas in well-drained soil that is only slightly acidic. Hostas are typically drought resistant for short periods once they are established but you should maintain them regularly and ensure that they have regular moisture. This will give you the best size and appearance. The more sun you give your hostas, the more moisture you must apply to the soil to make up for the increase in moisture loss because of the extra light.

Most all hostas will grow fine in morning sun, and a few will tolerate all day sun as long as the soil is moist and the air temperatures are cool. The further south hostas grow, the more they need afternoon shade. Even the most tolerant sun hostas will benefit from afternoon shade in warmer climates. In more northern, cooler climates, most gardeners consider hosta sun plants. As a general rule, hostas will grow much more robustly and multiply much faster when grown in sun.

Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. offers a large selection of the top hostas for sun and shade. For each variety, we indicate whether that hosta variety can take only light shade or part sun. These conditions are based on our experience in central North Carolina, so if you live further north, these same hostas are more sun tolerant. Plant Delights Nursery can provide you with more information on how to properly plant and grow your hostas and other perennials. If you are interested in sun hostas, we can help you to choose from among our many cultivars based on your specific gardening needs. Hostas are typically chosen for their beautiful foliage and depending on the specific type of hosta that you choose, you could also be greeted with beautiful and fragrant blooms throughout late spring and summer.

Those needing plants for part sun will find most hostas to be the perfect choice. Caring for hostas is not difficult. In fact, these are fairly durable and low maintenance plants. You can divide your hostas any time of year if they become too large for the space provided. If you are looking for sun hostas or other perennial plants, please browse our website to find the perfect plants for your gardening needs. We also offer Open Nursery and Garden Days where you can come and browse our botanic garden and shoop in our open greenhouses. Feel free to contact us directly at any time at Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. for more information about our sun hostas or any other perennial that we offer.

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