Daylilies and Hostas for the Perennial Garden

Daylilies and Hostas for the Perennial Garden

By Published August 11, 2015 Updated July 11, 2022

Everyone tends to have a favorite plant, though usually it’s a favorite new plants for sale. Gardeners can be like songwriters and authors in that when asked what their favorite is it’s the latest thing they’ve written or planted. For some a favorite new plant might be something completely different, while for many it’s just a new variety of their old favorite. If you want to find the next new plants to catch your eye, then your best choice is to buy nursery plants online at Plant Delights Nursery. Few nurseries offer as many opportunities to find your favorite new plant, because few offer such large selection of unusual and rare nursery plants online.

If you like the new and unusual then Plant Delights Nursery is definitely the place for you to find nursery plants online. Not only do we offer plants that are new to you, but often they are new to the horticulture industry or even science. Not only do we grow our own plants, but work with scientists, breeders, botanic gardens, and explorers to find the next great and new plants for sale. We even do our own research, breeding, and exploration, that’s commitment you rarely see in commercial nurseries. If it’s new to the industry, it’s likely new to you. It might be hard to say what might become your favorite, but we offer such a wide selection of hard to find nursery plants online that something is bound to become your new favorite.

For those who like a favorite kind of plant or maybe old favorites, you can still find a new favorite. Daylilies are a perennial favorite but they can still surprise. We offer a selection of hard to find hemerocallis (daylilies) with very tall flower stalks. Daylilies are rarely background or showpiece plants, but with gorgeous eye level flowers (or taller) these are likely to become a new favorite showstopper for the middle of a bed.

If you like hostas and this is your first time visiting Plant Delights Nursery then you’ve been missing out. We have one of the largest selections of Hostas anywhere for sale and an active breeding program, so you are bound to find a new favorite. We have hostas with red stems, more and larger flowers, fragrant flowers, and even hostas that do great in the south. If you love to find new plants then Plant Delights Nursery is bound to become your new favorite nursery.

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