Uncommon, Unusual, and Unique Hostas


Fragrant hostas like Hosta plantaginea, at one time referred to as August Lilies, are a flowering perennial that fills the air with a wonderful and delicate scent. A number of the more fashionable fragrant hostas today are Hosta plantaginea, Hosta plantaginea ‘Ming Treasure’, Hosta ‘Fragrant Bouquet’, Hosta ‘Guacamole’, Hosta ‘Stained Glass’, Hosta ‘Cathedral Windows’, Hosta ‘Holy Mole’, Hosta ‘Diana Remembered’, Hosta ‘Fragrant Queen’, Hosta ‘Old Faithful’, Hosta ‘Sugar and Spice’, Hosta ‘The Shining’, and Hosta ‘Mistress Mabel’. Hosta plants thrive in light shade needing only a couple of hours of morning sun.

Hosta plants are not “shade” plants per se. They do well in shady areas but they do prefer some morning sunlight. At Plant Delights Nursery we work with the best plant breeders in the country to find the finest new plants. We offer plants that no other online nursery has. Whether you are a beginning gardener or you have years of experience, you will find that our plants are uncommon, unusual and unique.

Our specialty is perennial plants and we have plenty of hostas. Plant Delights Nursery is at your service. Our selection is large and varied and will surely provide several picks for you. We recommend that you browse our site thoroughly before making your selection. As always if you need assistance with your choice or you have a question about a certain plant please get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide whatever support we can.

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