Tips for Ordering Garden Perennials Online

Tips for Ordering Garden Perennials Online

The following article is part of a series geared toward entry-level gardeners. For deep dives into a variety of perennials that we have sold over the decades, visit our archive of in-depth perennial articles written by Tony Avent, Dr. Patrick McMillan, and other Plant Delights and JLBG experts. We also have transcripts of our Gardening Unplugged videos, recorded during our Open Nursery and Garden Days, that have great information for gardeners of all experience levels.

Where does one go to find exceptional garden perennials? Why should you order plants from Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.? Because we offer the most diverse selection of plants for your perennial garden. Whether you have a full sun garden or a woodland garden, we have a hardy perennial to meet your needs. We can suggest a perennial that will grow in Zone 2, or a perennial that will grow in Zone 10, so we have something for nearly everyone!

Maybe you're wondering, why plant a perennial garden in the first place? Once established, a hardy perennial will come back year after year, creating fantastic gardens to be enjoyed for several seasons. Investing in garden perennials will save you on time and money that you would have spent if you used annuals instead.

No one garden solely benefits from perennial plants. A full sun perennial garden can feature such fall bloomers as Helianthus angustifolius 'First Light', USA natives like Eupatorium greggii, or hummingbird attractors like Verbena bonariensis. There are also plenty of hardy perennial plants for the woodland garden. Hostas are one of our specialties, but we also have ornamental grass-like plants for shade such as Ophiopogons, a large number of ferns, and interesting bulbs like Zingiber mioga 'Dancing Crane'.

Tips for Ordering Perennials Online

If you are new to perennial gardening, or just gardening in general, here are some tips for buying from an online nursery:

  1. Choose a reputable online nursery: Look for a nursery that has positive reviews, offers a satisfaction guarantee, and has been in business for several years (Hint: Plant Delights offers a guarantee and has been in business for over 30 years!)

  2. Research the plants: Read about the plants you are interested in, including their growing conditions, mature size, and maintenance requirements. Make sure they are suitable for your climate and soil type. Check out our comprehensive collection of perennial articles or use our site search to find additional information about the plants we carry.

  3. Check for hardiness: Choose perennials that are hardy in your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone. You can find your zone by entering your zip code on the USDA website. Just keep in mind, hardiness zones have their limitations and only give you part of the picture.

  4. Check for size: Make sure you understand how big the plants will be when they mature. Some perennials can get quite large and may not be suitable for a small garden.

  5. Read the return policy: Make sure you understand the return policy before making a purchase. Ideally, you want a nursery that offers a guarantee or replacement policy if the plant arrives damaged or dead. (Hint: Read our Plant Delights guarantee here.)

  6. Minimize your shipping costs: There is no such thing as a free lunch (or free shipping) but you can reduce your shipping costs at Plant Delights. Our shipping costs are the same for 1 plant or 6 so peruse our online catalog and order when you have at least 6 perennials in your cart to get the most for your money.

  7. Get advice: If you're not sure which plants to choose, ask for advice from our customer service department. If they can't answer your questions, they will find someone in our organization that can.

If you are interested in ordering plants with us, we can help you determine if they are suitable for your climate. Your growing zone, light requirements, and soil conditions can all determine if a plant will act as a "hardy perennial" for you. We ship plants directly to you, so you can spend more time in your perennial garden and less time driving around searching for them.


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