Cypripedium Orchids

Cypripedium Orchids

A Lady Slipper Orchid for the Shade Garden

By Published May 22, 2014 Updated June 22, 2022

Cypripedium (Lady Slipper Orchid) is among the most highly sought-after of all the hardy orchids, despite the fact that it is fairly hard to grow. The reason for this is that of all the hardy orchids, (Bletilla, Calanthe, Cremastra, Pogonia, Calopogon, Spiranthes, etc.) Cypripedium is by far the most beautiful and exotic.

Although you can find Lady Slipper orchids for sale cheap at roadside garden stands, these are usually illegally wild collected specimens that not only reduce the wild populations of this overharvested plant, but are also unlikely to survive in your garden as they are usually handled to roughly for their delicate nature. It is best to buy ethically produced plants grown from tissue culture despite the fact that they are more expensive. If you buy cypripedium, please choose a nursery like Plant Delights that only grows lady slipper orchids propagated from nursery stock.

We are pleased to offer some of the wonderful Frosch hybrid cypripedium orchids, imported from Germany. The owner of Frosch Nusery, Werner Frosch, crosses all of the Lady Slipper species that he can get his hands on with each other and selects offspring with superior or novel colors. The Frosch hybrid Cypripediums display a wide range of colors and many of the plants also show hybrid vigor.

While we sell the easiest to grow of the cypripedium orchids even our lady slipper orchids are plants for advanced gardeners only. They require a lot of bed preparation and pre-planning. Don't buy a cypripedium until after you have planned and constructed your Cypripedium garden bed. The bed itself is not hard to make. See our Cypripedium article entitled 'Does the Lady Slipper Fit Your Garden?' for details.

Lady Slipper Orchids are special plants for special people. Gardeners who succeed with Cypripedium should consider themselves very skilled and (more importantly) excellent caretakers of plants. Although not for everyone, Cypripediums are special plants for special gardeners.

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