Buy the Best Flowers for Sun Including Wonderful Fall Perennials

Buy the Best Flowers for Sun Including Wonderful Fall Perennials

By Published February 13, 2018 Updated June 13, 2022

Fall is the time of year for leaves changing and the time to plant, but otherwise fall plants don't get as much attention as spring and summer plants. There are, however, stunning fall perennials that don't get the attention they deserve. I suppose if people were about to change into bright colors then strip nude, flowers wouldn't get much attention either. The best flowers for full sun in fall are definitely deserving of your attention. Every garden needs fall perennials to give your eyes a treat, and this treat won't rot your teeth. It doesn't have to be a trick to find the best flowers for full sun; Plant Delights Nursery has a wide selection of fall perennials.
Image of Rhodophiala bifida 'Hill Country Red'
Rhodophiala bifida 'Hill Country Red'

Lycoris and Rhodophiala are two underused genera and some of the best flowers for full sun in the fall. Rhodophiala forms beautiful clusters of bright red or pink flowers on single stalks. Lycoris form clusters of flowers on stalks up to two feet tall, in various shades of red, yellow, white, cream, and even light blue. Plant Delights has one of the largest selections of lycoris for sale, and perhaps the largest collection in the world. The flower stalks of these fall perennials burst from the ground with no foliage, an impressive sight and reason for the common name of surprise lilies. If you want something larger, pomegranate trees have some the best flowers for full sun trees in fall. Starting in mid-summer, the trees blossom with variations of gorgeous orange flowers, as time goes on the flowers transition into attractive fruit, providing interest from the summer and through the winter.

If you want a plant that blooms from late spring to the first frost and you're in a warmer climate, then Abutilon are the fall perennials for you. You can expect flowers for over half the year and well into fall. In higher zones they can bloom almost year round, especially abutilon "voodoo", with its stunning red flowers. If you want showiness over bloom season length, then Brugmansia, or Angels Trumpet, is a stunning choice of fall bloomers. The massive foot long pendulous trumpet shaped blooms starting in late summer and continues until the first frost. And established plants may be ten feet tall with hundreds of blossoms at once, a stunning plant and one of the best flowers for full sun.

Plant Delights has a great selection of plants for the fall season. You will find more displayed on the online plant catalog. Just choose flower season, and then fall, to see all our fall blooming plants. And remember to consider fall foliage as well. Hosta plantaginea and its hybrids make a great choice for fall foliage in part sun. This hosta puts out new growth continuously so it looks good even in fall; especially good in the harsh conditions of the south. If you want fall foliage color in the full sun, we offer a large variety of elephant ears, colocasias, in an assortment of forms and colors. These will brighten up your yard until the first frost. If you want the fall color in your yard to be more than just falling leaves and discarded candy wrappers, then buy fall plants from Plant Delights Nursery.

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