Add a Beautiful Splash of Color to Your Garden with a Coneflower

Add a Beautiful Splash of Color to Your Garden with a Coneflower

By Published June 22, 2017 Updated June 22, 2022

Coneflower (Echinacea) is a beautiful perennial flower that comes in a wide array of colors and hues. If you want a plant that will instantly perk up your garden, echinacea is a good choice. Coneflowers are durable plants and can handle heavy winds without drooping or breaking. Echinaceas are found in colors ranging from pink and red to yellow, orange and white as well as other breathtaking hues. Because it is a perennial, you only have to plant a coneflower once and you can enjoy its beauty in your garden for many years provided you care for it properly.

Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. offers a wide selection of perennial flowers and plants for your garden including a large variety of coneflowers for sale. We sell only the best performers to ensure that your garden is healthy and beautiful. If coneflower interests you, we offer a number of beautiful color choices. Coneflowers can be planted any time during the year when the ground isn’t frozen. You can learn more about the coneflower and various other plants from our expert plant staff. We offer information about planting, new gardening techniques and new plants that we are introducing. We can help you to learn better ways of caring for your garden, ensuring that your coneflower plants remain healthy so that they will greet you year after year.

Perennial plants are a good choice for most gardeners simply because they require only one planting. While there are a number of beautiful annuals (and you can certainly add these to your garden each year), perennials allow you to plant just once, then simply care for the plants so that they will return with beautiful foliage and blooms year after year. Most gardeners prefer perennials because they allow them to customize their garden by adding different colors and hues each year, growing their garden larger and larger over time. We can help you to choose the perfect perennials for your specific garden area.

Whether you are looking to add coneflowers to your garden area or if you prefer a more exotic and unique approach to your flower selection, we can help you to choose the perfect perennials for your needs. We offer a number of the best performers and information regarding planting and caring for all of your plants. Feel free to visit our Juniper Level Botanic Gardens at any time during our Open House Days and see our current plant displays. You can contact us for more information at Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.

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