Yucca x gloriosa 'Some Beach'

Some Beach Glorious Soapwort

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Item #: 13284

Zones: 7a to 9b, at least

Dormancy: Evergreen

Height: 48" tall

Culture: Sun

Origin: United States

Pot Size: 3.5" pot (24 fl. oz/0.7 L)

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Yucca x gloriosa 'Some Beach' is a 2022 Plant Delights/JLBG introduction of a selection of the native Yucca x gloriosa (filamentosa x aloifolia) from our 2014 botanizing expedition in North Carolina's Carteret County. Our extensive wandering through the Emerald Isle area, where several native species grow and hybridize naturally, yielded several cuttings of yucca that seemed quite unique. Eight years later, we are pleased to share our first selection from that expedition. Yucca 'Some Beach' has formed a multi-headed 4' tall clump of rigid glaucous green 2' long foliage. Each woody trunk is 4' wide, so an old clump may have a total diameter or 6'-7'. Each trunk is topped for us, starting in mid-May, with a 3' tall stalk of white bell-shaped flowers.