Coniogramme jinggangshanensis 'Shishi'

Shishi Crested Bamboo Fern

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Item #: 9304

Zones: 7b to 10b

Dormancy: Winter

Height: 24" tall

Culture: Part Sun to Light Shade

Origin: China, Japan

Pot Size: 3.5" pot (24 fl. oz/0.7 L)

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Coniogramme jinggangshanensis 'Shishi' is a rather rare and unusual form of the Asian bamboo fern. The upright, dark glossy-green, 2' tall fronds are composed of large pinnae (fern leaflets), each ending in a fancy petticoat-like crest. Expect a 3' wide patch in 5 years, thanks to the spreading rhizome. Rich, moist soils result in the best growth, while very dry soils will slow its spread to a crawl...a dramatic and unique specimen in the garden! In mild winters, it remains completely evergreen, but when winter temperatures drop to single digits, it will be tardily deciduous.