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Tinantia (Mexican Speckled Wandering Jew)

More Information About Tinantia

Tinantia is a little known genus of about 14 species in the tradescantia family, native from Texas to Nicaragua. The family resemblance is apparent if you take a close look at tinantia'll see they have the same hairy reproductive structures as tradescantia.

In their native habitats, tinantia prefers part shade, warm, humid air and well-drained soil. Tinantia has a loose, rounded habit that pairs well with oxalis, ferns, carex, and epimediums. Try placing tinantia so that it spills over a wall or the edge of a mixed container. The purple-speckled leaves and lavender flowers of tinantia go well with white-flowered plants like Iris japonica, or yellow-flowered plants like farfugium. Tinantia is a charming little plant that deserves wider use in the garden. When you're ready to buy tinantia for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online offering of tinantia for sale.