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More Information About Steudnera

Steudnera is an aroid genus that contains 9 species of shade loving elephant ear-like plants that are native to China, Southeast Asia and India. Like its closest relative, Remusatia, Steudnera prefers shadier spots in the garden and does not thrive in the sun like Colocasia or Alocasia. We like Steudnera for its yellow and purple bicolor flowers and for the occasional purple interveinal markings on the leaves. Like Remusatia, some Steudnera also feature a creeping stem that spreads along the ground. If you have never heard of Steudnera before, you are not alone. This is a rare and exotic plant that is almost never cultivated.

In the wild, Steudnera lives on the forest floor of tropical rain forests and so prefers shade, heat, humidity, and plenty of water. Steudnera will make a decent container plant too, provided it is planted in a peaty soil. Try pairing Steudnera with other moisture and shade loving perennials like Aspidistra, ferns, Carex, or even Acorus.

Steudnera Trivia: The genus Steudnera was named for a 19th century German botanist, Hermann Steudner who was known for his botanical explorations of unknown areas of Africa. The commemoration was bestowed upon Steudner by his friend Karl Koch, who studied this plant in german botanical garden collections in 1862 and realized that it represented a new genus of aroids.

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