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More Information About Semele

Semele is a monotypic genus (only 1 species, S. androgyna) that is an evergreen vine native to the Canary and Madiera islands that is closely related to Ruscus, Danae and Asparagus. Semele shares a curious feature with these relatives...the absence of true leaves, which have been replaced by flattened stem segments called phylloclades. The special leaves of Semele produce cream or pale yellow flowers and red-orange berries along the edges...truly bizarre.

Semele is a rare and exotic plant that climbs up to more than 20' in length. In its native habitat, it grows in part sun in moist peaty soils. In your garden, Semele will require marginal aquatic or moist soil conditions and dappled sun. Try pairing Semele with other weird, esoteric bog plants like Hymenocallis, Calopogon, Drosera, Sarracenia, and Sabatia to create a garden that will be a true conversation starter...usually 'what is that???'

The plant Semele is named after a mythological Greek woman who consorted with Zeus and who later gave birth to the Greek god of wine, parties, and ecstasy, Dionysus (aka Bacchus). For those of you into useless trivia, the mythological Semele had a sister with a botanical name, Agave.

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