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More Information About Rivina

The genus Rivina is a monotypic (has only one species in it) group native to the southern US and Mexico. Rivina is related to phytolacca, the familiar pokeberry, and although the plants differ in size, there is an unmistakeable family resemblance in the leaves and flowers.

Rivina is only 1' tall with upright pink flowers that change into intensely red berries that have been used as a source of red dye. Ladies, if you run out of rouge, you can use rivina berries to paint your cheeks like colonial women did.

Rivina prefers part sun and typical garden soil with plenty of water. Rivina may disappear in the summer if it is too dry but will re-sprout when the rains return. Birds, bees, and butterflies (the 3 B's) all enjoy rivina flowers and fruits. Try growing rivina underneath actaea, hydrangea, or buddleia to make interesting color combos. It also looks great as in containers. When you are ready to buy rivina for your perennial garden, we hope you'lll check out our online offering of rivina for sale.