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More Information About Rhynchospora

Rhynchospora is a large genus containing over 270 species of sedges with a worldwide distribution. Most of the species are found in the tropics but there are 68 species of Rhynchospora native to North America. Like many sedges, Rhynchospora is typically a bog plant and in the wild is usually found in marshes and wetlands. In its native habitat, Rhynchospora is usually one of the dominant plant species as due to its fast-spreading habit.

The name Rhynchospora is from the Greek "rhynchos" for snout and "spora" for seed, which refers to the beak-like structure on the fruit which develops from the style of the flower. The narrow sedge-like leaves grow as a 3-ranked tuft that ranges from a few inches to around 6' tall depending on the species. In the garden, Rhynchospora pairs well with bog plants whose texture contrasts and complements the grass-like texture. Try pairing Rhynchospora with Sabatia, Salvia uliginosa, Sarracenia and Physostegia. Some taxonomists lump the species Dichromena latifolia and D. colorata in with Rhynchospora but we keep them separate. When you are ready to buy Rhynchospora for your garden, check out our online list of Rhynchospora for sale.