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Insect Attracting Plants

Insect Attracting Plants

In addition to butterflies, there are many insects that are a joy to have in the garden and a reason to grow pollinator and insect attracting plants.

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What's the buzz on pollinator and insect attracting plants for the garden? There are two reasons a gardener would want to garden with insect attracting plants. The number one reason is that beneficial insects help control insect pests and reduce or eliminate your need to spray insecticides. Number two is to enjoy the aesthetic, aural and kinetic beauty of our arthropod friends.

Insects in the garden are looking for the same thing that we are...attractive flowers and leaves. Here at Plant Delights Nursery, we have an enormous on-line plant catalog and have searched through it to create this mini-catalog of insect attracting plants that also look great in the landscape.

The iridescent metallic blues and greens of dragonflies, blowflies and, yes, even japanese beetles are stunning to look at. So are the saturated reds, oranges, and yellows that can be seen in ladybugs, harlequin bugs, and orb web weaver spiders. The predatory antics of lacewings, dragonflies, spiders and praying mantis are amazing to watch. The angular chitonous plates of grasshoppers and stink bugs are a visual treat for the sharp-eyed gardener as are the amusing ambulations of inchworms and the undulations of colorful hirsute caterpillars munching on leaves or earthworms, freshly dug. 

During summer, the early evening staccato light show of lightening bugs brings a miniature fireworks show into the back yard. In fall, a careful gardener will find the curious egg cases of praying mantis and butterflies dangling in hidden spots on the undersides of insect attracting plants in the garden...a gift to be opened the following spring.

The auditory buzz of an orgy of fat bumble bees on flowering plants that attract bees like lantana or buddleia is both relaxing and smile inducing as are the melodious droning songs of mate-seeking crickets and cicadas. Who can sleep without their summer nighttime serenades? All are great reasons to fill your garden with insect attracting plants. 

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