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More Information About Pogonia

Pogonia is a small genus of 10 species of hardy orchids, 9 of which are native to eastern Asia and one (Pogonia ophioglossoides) that is native from the sphagnum bogs of Canada south to the everglades in Florida. The name Pogonia ophioglossoides, roughly translated from Latin to English, means: "bearded petal orchid with a leaf that that looks like an adder's tongue fern". In summer, Pogonia ophioglossoides produces tiny, raspberry-scented, pink orchid flowers that are just twice the size of your thumbnail.

Pogonia is a difficult hardy orchid to grow because it does not tolerate any dryness. In the wild it grows in acidic sphagnum bogs with constantly wet feet. When in a good location, Pogonia ophioglossoides will spread rapidly via stolons and form a nice colony of perennial wildflowers. We do not have any wild collected pogonia for sale, we only sell plants that are propagated from nursery stock. When you are ready to buy pogonia for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online offering of this hardy orchid for sale.