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Jeffersonia (Twin Leaf)

The genus Jeffersonia is an unusual barberry relative named for our third president, Thomas Jefferson. Read More about Jeffersonia

More Information About Jeffersonia

There are only two species in the genus , Jeffersonia dubia, from Asia and Jeffersonia diphylla, native to the eastern US. In its native habitat, jeffersonia is limited to habitats of moist alkaline woodlands, where it covers the ground as far as the eye can see.

Jeffersonia is a low-growing woodland plant with charming but short-lived white or lilac flowers in spring. Like many woodland plants, jeffersonia prefers dappled shade and consistently moist, well-drained soil amended with plenty of leaf compost. Jeffersonia pairs well with other woodland spring plants such as trillium, epimedium, helleborus, and cyclamen. Jeffersonia will reseed around the garden if the soil is ideal. When you are ready to buy jeffersonia for your perennial shade garden, we hope you'll check out our online offering of jeffersonia for sale.