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More Information About Filipendula

The genus Filipendula is a group of just 12 species in the rose family that are native to the Northern Hemisphere. This genus prefers moist conditions, well-amended soils and full sun to part shade. Some species of Filipendula are drought-tolerant once established, but the leaves may scorch during dry periods. This problem is easily fixed by giving your filipendula a haircut when the drought is over and new growth will emerge fresh and pretty.

Filipendula is primarily used as a foliage plant with large, fragrant, maple-like leaves that are sometimes striped. Filipendula flowers are attractive, airy, fragrant clusters containing hundreds of tiny little flowers in shades of white, or pink that attract butterflies. Filipendula looks spectacular when grown in drifts, at the back of a perennial border, in meadows, or along streams and ponds, where it makes a nice backdrop for iris, belamcanda, or asclepias. When you are ready to buy filipendula for your perennial garden, check out our online list of filipendula for sale.