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More Information About Elaphoglossum

Elaphoglossum is a mostly tropical fern species with over 600 species that feature a large un-lobed leaf, not unlike Asplenium, Pyrrosia (which is also called Tongue fern) or Lepisorus. In some species, the leaf is short, wide and thick and quite un-fern-like. Elaphoglossum prefers a warm, moist, mountainous habitat but a few intrepid Elaphoglossum taxa have moved high enough and far enough from the equator to have developed some measure of cold tolerance.

The name Elaphoglossum comes from the greek literally means serpent tongue. so you can plant this fern with other snakey plants like Chlorophytum (Snake Lily), Ophiopogon (Snake Beard), Arisaema (Cobra Lily) and Dahlia (Serpent Tongue). Or you could combine your Elaphoglossum with other tongue-ish plants like Carphephorus (Deer Tongue). Although deer-ey and elephant-ey plants like Alocasia, Colocasia, Remusatia and Blechnum would also combine well with Elaphoglossum.

Although we are interested in Elaphoglossum primarily as an ornamental fern, some people in Central America are studying a chemical produced by the plant called crassipin that has antidepressant activity. So whether you plant Elaphoglossum for its ornamental traits or its biochemical ones, it will turn your frown upside down. When you are ready to buy Elaphoglossum for your garden, check out our online list of Elaphoglossum for sale below.