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More Information About Echeandia

Echeandia is a genus of approximately 80 species of drought-tolerant perennials native to the Americas, from Texas to Argentina, that are closely related to Asparagus, Agave, and Chlorophytum. The genus name commemorates a Spanish botanist, Pedro Gregorio Echeandia, who lived in the late 1700s and wrote the first Flora of Spain.

In the US, Echeandia species are perennial wildflowers found only in the desert Southwest (Texas, Arizona, etc.). Echeandia plants are corm-producing herbaceous fall-flowering perennals with orange, yellow, or white flowers that attract butterflies. Luckily for us, several Echeandia species (including Echeandia texensis) has enough cold tolerance to be used as an ornamental in the Southeast US.

As with all desert plants Echeandia must be given soils with excellent drainage to prevent winter root rot. Try combining Echeandia other xeric plants such as salvia and agave. When you are ready to buy echeandia for your perennial garden, check out our online list of echeandia for sale.