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More Information About Chionographis

Never heard of the genus Chionographis? Not many Americans have. Chionographis is a genus of just 5 rare species of lily relatives native to temperate forests of China, Japan, and Korea. They grow in woodland conditions as small rosettes of wide evergreen leaves from which arise narrow white or pale yellow bottlebrush-like spikes of fragrant flowers in spring. Chionographis flower spikes superficially resemble a tall, skinny liatris or liriope flower while the leaf clusters are somewhat reminiscent of a small hosta.

As a woodland plant, chionographis prefers part shade and is adaptable to a wide variety of soil textures and pH levels, but it does grow best in rich and well-drained soil. One species, Chionographis japonica, prefers somewhat moist soils. The flowers of this little perennial have a fine texture, making chionographis a great garden companion for arisaema, polygonatum, cypripedium, or gentian. When you're ready to buy chionographis for your garden, check our offerings of chionographis for sale.