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More Information About Araiostegia

Araiostegia is a small genus of ferns that are related to the popular rabbits-foot fern (Davallia). Noted for their finely textured fronds, the 16 species of Araiostegia ferns are mostly tropical plants that live primarily on tree branches or rocks. Araiostegia is an Asian genus that extends from southern China to southern India, Taiwan, and Malaysia. A few species live in the Himalayas and have developed some cold tolerance. One in particular, Araiostegia pseudocystopteris, is hardy enough for North Carolina gardens.

In addition to the delicate, dissected fronds, Araiostegia also produces fuzzy above ground rhizomes just like its cousin Davallia. The Araiostegia fronds are a beautiful textural addition to the garden and can also be cut and used in floral arrangements. Araiostegia is a hard-to-find fern but one that deserves a spot in every Zone 7 or warmer shade garden.

Araiostegia prefers part shade and well-drained soil that is evenly moist. A sloped garden bed that simulates its native Himalayan habitat is best. It is also deer-resistant. When you are ready to buy araiostegia for your garden or home, check out our list of araiostegia for sale.