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Davallia (Rabbit's Foot Fern)

More Information About Davallia

Davallia is a genus of 35-50 fern species native to Africa and Asia. Many Davallia species are used as houseplants in temperate parts of the world and feature a fuzzy white or brown rhizome that looks like a rabbit's foot. Davallia ferns make wonderful hanging basket houseplants because the rabbit's feet dangle over the side of the container and delight the eye.

Until recently, we could only use Davallia as a houseplant because there were no known species that were hardy enough to survive both the hot summers and cold winters in our temperate garden. That is until we explored the wilds of Korea and found a Davallia mariesii specimen growing at a higher than normal altitude. We are able to periodically offer this hardy Davallia fern for sale to our customers so that they can have rabbit's feet in their garden.

Like most ferns, Davallia prefers partial shade, and rich, consistently moist, woodland soils. However, to ensure hardiness, 'Korea Rocks' also needs extremely well-drained soils. Try planting this Davallia on the edge of a wall and letting the rabbit's feet dangle over. If one rabbit's foot is lucky, imagine how much luck the many roots of a rabbit's foot fern plant will bring you. These ferns are also deer-resistant.

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