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Alophia (Prairie Iris)

More Information About Alophia

Alophia is a genus of 5 species of irids from the Western Hemisphere whose blue and purple flowers (with yellow and brown spotted centers) arrive during summer. Lasting for only a few hours per day, Alophia flowers are ephemeral treats for the observant gardener.

Alophia is an Iris cousin whose closest relatives include several other ornamental bulbs that we sell including Cypella, Herbertia, and Tigridia. One species in particular, Alophia drummondii, is an American native plant that can be found in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Alophia prefers sandy soil and dappled sun, so it is perfect for a rock-garden beneath widely spaced trees. Due to its small size, Alophia would make a great rock garden specimen and would pair well with plants like Tricyrtis, Lycoris, Gladiolus, Crocosmia, Carex and small cultivars of Agave. The sword-shaped leaves are pleated at the base, giving Alophia some texture in addition to its beautiful color. When you are ready to buy Alophia for your garden, propel yourself to our online list of Alophia for sale below.