Winter and Fall Flowering Plants for Your Garden

Winter and Fall Flowering Plants for Your Garden

By Published August 15, 2017 Updated June 15, 2022

Spring and summer always get the all the hype for flowers. But that leaves half the year unaccounted for. Some people solve this by planting silk flowers so they have easy to care for blooms year round. No, sadly that is not a joke, it happens regularly. You don’t have to resort to such drastic measures, there are fall and winter flowering plants available (that aren’t silk). Breathtaking fall flowering plants can be hard to find, while stunning winter flowering plants are almost unheard of. As a specialty nursery Plant Delights Nursery can help, with a large selection of hard to find plants, including winter and fall flowering plants.

While silk tulips certainly make for conversation starting fall flowering plants, many of the salvias (sages) make great live fall flowering plants and are available in just about as many colors. These bushy perennials come in a wide range of forms and colors to add color and dimension to the fall garden. Even better is that salvia usually flower continuously for months, without being plastic. Another conversation starting group of fall flowering plants are the Sinningia. These African violet relatives might look like they belong in a pot or are made of silk, but they really grow outside. You’ll be rewarded with lovely tubular fall flowers, in the fall flowering varieties. Countless more fall beauties are available from us online.

For the elusive winter flowering plants you don’t have to resort to silk flowers. Hellebores (Lenten roses) make great winter flowering plants. You may think of hellebores as being plain but recent breeding work has led to more variation than the silk flowers. You’ll have no problem brightening up your winter shade garden with Lenten roses. You can even have irises as winter flowering plants, with Iris unguicularis. These hard to find small drought tolerant irises come in multiple varieties, with varying winter bloom colors.

Only a small number of our fall and winter bloomers have been listed here, so be sure to check out our online catalog. If you want single plant that blooms all year round I recommend visiting your local craft store, and it never has to be watered. If you want a range of plants that add blooms to the garden year round I suggest you shop at Plant Delights Nursery.

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