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Looking for sun loving plants and other summer blooming flowers? Try Plant Delights Nursery

Image of Canna 'Phasion' PP 10,569
Canna 'Phasion'

Do you have space in your yard in full sun that needs livening up?  You could use the space to install a solar panel or a lawn flamingo collection, both are sure to give you extra energy (obligatory pun) but might get you a citation from your home owner's association summer blooming flowers. Using the space to plant summer blooming flowers is a great way to add energy and summer blooming flowers to your yard. It’s also less likely to upset your home owner's association, unless you plant Canna ‘Phasion’, at seven feet tall with purple leaves striped with red, yellow and green and topped with orange summer blooming flowers it just might.

Image of Colocasia gigantea 'Thailand Giant'
Colocasia (Leucocasia) gigantea 'Thailand Giant'

Of course, maybe if your sun loving plants haven’t caught the attention of your HOA then you haven’t been shopping for summer blooming flowers at the right place. Don’t worry, Plant Delights Nursery has plenty of unusual and hard to find sun loving plants and summer blooming flowers to draw attention to your garden, whatever kind of attention you want.

If you have a beef with your neighbors or HOA summer blooming flowers, or are just an adventurous gardener then Dracunculus vulgaris is a great choice of sun loving plants. These exotic amorphophallus relatives are topped with huge foot and a half tall early summer blooming flowers that happen to smell like rotting flesh the day they open. The unusual leaves and flower of this stunning plant make it more than worth it. For similar effect in less sun try Amorphophallus, Helicodiceros, Sauromatum, or Typhonium.

Image of Agave 'Shark Bite'
Agave 'Shark Bite'

If you want summer blooming flowers that won’t attract your Home owner association but will still brighten your summer garden with summer blooming flowers, then Plant Delights Nursery is still the place to shop. From a large selection of hard to find cannas, hibiscus, coneflowers, butterfly bushes, to a number of rare sun loving plants; we are the place to find a great selection of summer plants or any plants. So whether your intention is to draw attention to your yard or not, Plant Delights Nursery is the best place to buy plants.