Summer Blooming Perennials and Sun Loving Flowers

Summer Blooming Perennials and Sun Loving Flowers

By Published July 05, 2019 Updated July 05, 2022

So you have an area that gets full sun and you don't know what to plant in it? Right now it looks like Death Valley and you want it to look like any other valley? Then you need summer blooming flowers and sun loving flowers and summer blooming perennials to add some life and color to your yard. Maybe your garden is lovely but you want something different to bring life to your sunny spots in the summer. Plant Delights Nursery offers a wide selection of beautiful and hard-to-find sun-loving flowers. We offer a rainbow of diversity in summer blooming perennials, enough to make your garden look like one as well; leprechauns not included.

You won't need to catch a leprechaun and make a wish to find quality hard-to-find perennials that bloom all summer though, our online catalog makes them easy to find and we ship them to you. You might think some of our rare summer blooming perennials are magic. Rain lilies, Zephyranthes and Habranthus seem to bloom from nowhere en masse in summer after a rain, making enchanting fields of color. Our special daylilies put up striking blossoms on stalks sometimes over six feet tall. And, our peonies bloom with gorgeous massive flowers that can take the heat even here in the South, truly magical sun-loving flowers indeed.

If you want to attract more magical visitors to your garden besides just leprechauns, then the butterfly bush, Buddleia, is a great choice. Not only is it a great choice among summer blooming perennials, but butterflies truly love it and will flock to it. Don't think you have enough room for one? Don't worry, we have a large selection of hard-to-find buddleias, from dwarf to huge and even one that’s tree-like. We also have the sun-loving flowers in a large selection of colors. If you want other summer blooming perennials that attract butterflies and hummingbirds our online catalog makes them easy to find.

If you want something that will take the sun and the heat, or something special to put in that sunny spot, then Plant Delights is your source. We trial and research our plants, so you know what you are getting and how to take care of them. We've sunbaked more than a few to test them so you can be confident in what we offer, but don't be confident in sunbaked eggs if you're offered any. So buy from Plant delights…your source for quality plants, not leprechauns or eggs.

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