What Shade Plants Are Right for Your Hardiness Zone?

What Shade Plants Are Right for Your Hardiness Zone?

By Published April 13, 2016 Updated June 13, 2022

Many gardeners neglect adding shade plants to their landscaping simply because they believe that all plants and flowers have to have sunshine in order to thrive. The truth is that there are a number of beautiful plants that will thrive in minimal sunlight. These shade plants will allow you to add beauty to all areas of your garden, even those that receive just few hours of sunlight each day. Some shade plants are full shade which means that they will thrive even with no direct sunlight.

Choosing the right shade plants for your garden does depend on yourplanting zone. You want to be certain that you select plants that will thrive in your environment. Hosta plants are an excellent choice for most light shade planting areas, since they are among the most durable plants in the world and are perennial plants that will return year after year. Hostas range in size from 2 inches to more than 3 feet in height and are very hardy in zones 3 through 8. They can be planted in partially shaded areas and provide beautiful blooms during the heat of summer. At other times during the growing season you will enjoy lovely foliage in a number of beautiful hues.

The Jack in the Pulpit is another excellent choice. Some jack-in-the-pulpits are hardy as far north as Zone 3 and will grow beautifully in shaded areas as well. Jack in the Pulpit plants will range from 1 to 3 feet in height, depending on the species. Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. offers a number of beautiful shade plants that will help you to create a stunning garden in any planting zone. We can help you to determine just which shade plants are best for your specific area and we offer a number of different perennial plants and flowers at different times throughout the year. Adding different shade plants to your garden will provide you with a beautiful landscape and quite the conversation piece for your property.

Whether you prefer the traditional look of the hosta plant or prefer a more tropical plant such as the elephant ears, Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. offers quality plants that can make your summer garden overflow with color.

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