Sedum - Stonecrop Plant Makes a Wonderful Groundcover

Sedum - Stonecrop Plant Makes a Wonderful Groundcover

By Published January 15, 2015 Updated June 15, 2022

The genus Sedum (Stonecrop) is a diverse group of groundcovers that includes some of our most durable garden perennials and rock garden plants. Sedum plants are known for their colorful (red, purple, blue, yellow or variegated) succulent foliage as well as their colorful flowers. Their tough, drought tolerant, cold tolerant nature truly earns them the name Stonecrop.

The two types of sedums are the ground-hugging, mat-forming sedums (i.e., Sedum tetractinum) and the tall, stalked, clump-forming sedums (i.e., Autumn Joy Sedum). The tall ones look terrific in a mixed perennial border and the groundcover sedums look great in a rock garden, green-wall or green-roof garden, living wreath and in containers.

In the autumn sedum leaves tend to turn reddish or purple in the cool air...a nice seasonal transition for the garden. When planting a sedum groundcover you can plant small plugs of plants 1' apart and they will fill in quickly or you can plant just a single plant and wait a few years for it to spread.

The tall sedums are autumn bloomers and pair well with plants like agastache, chrysanthemum, solidago, aster and ornamental grasses. The short sedums do well under tall plants like hibiscus or plants that do not spread to cover them up like agave, asclepias, baptisia, colocasia and dahlia.

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