Plants by Mail Order from Plant Delights Nursery

Plants by Mail Order from Plant Delights Nursery

By Published April 08, 2016 Updated June 08, 2022

Plant Delights Nursery was established in 1988 to provide keen gardeners a source of rare and unusual plants by mail order. Unlike many other mail order nurseries, Plant Delights Nursery grows our own perennial plants on site in our own gardens and nursery. Therefore, you will be assured that the plants you order are correctly named and of the highest quality. Since we are plant people ourselves, we have a greater understanding of the needs of the plants and how to ship them correctly.

Plant Delights Nursery specializes in many groups of rare and unusual plants from amorphophallus and other unusual aroids to crinum lilies, to a wide variety of ferns for sale. Plant Delights Nursery also carries a wide selection of hardy orchid plants for sale as well as a diverse selection of woodland garden and other perennial plants. Our mail order plants are shipped from February to November to gardeners around the world. Our plant shipping schedule is based on the average last frost date for your location, although we are glad to work with special requests.

Plant Delights Nursery has an excellent staff of gardening plant experts to answer any of your gardening questions. If you are looking for plants for your shade garden or for a hot sunny dry location, we can provide you with the best plants by mail order. Our selection or agave (century plants) for sale is one of the best in the country, as is our selection of the shade-loving, Aspidistra or cast iron plant. In many cases, Plant Delights Nursery is the only source of a particular plant by mail order. 

Buying plants by mail order offers gardeners a unique opportunity to obtain hard-to-find plants without having to travel across the country, so when you are ready to buy rare and unusual plants by mail order, we hope you will check out the rare perennials that we have to offer. We’re sure that whether you garden in California or Minnesota, you find unique perennials that will thrive in your climate. Plant Delights Nursery is proud to have been award the Perennial Plant Association’s Retailer of the Year Award.

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