Buying Perennials from an Online Nursery

Buying Perennials from an Online Nursery

By Published March 22, 2013 Updated June 22, 2022

Finding plants for your garden or collection is part of the fun of being a gardener. But it can become frustrating trying to find the flowers, perennials, and cultivars you want. The plant catalog at the Plant Delights Nursery website is a great resource for gardeners. Some people look for Latin names, some people for common names, some for traits and it can get confusing. Our plant catalog can let you search for plants based on all of these criteria. The one option you won't find is for annuals because all of our plants are perennials.

I can't recall how many times I've wished websites and plant catalogs told me the latin name, let alone let me search by it. Latin may seem like a foreign language to some people, oh, wait it is, but there is no better way to know you're getting the right plant since common names can vary greatly. For that reason we use Latin as the main way to organize our catalog. If you don't know the species, you can look for flowers and perennials by common name as well. If you just want a plant that blooms at a certain time or a certain color you can search for that, too. Try looking through our collection of plants with white flowers or our list of plants with blue flowers.

From botanical gardeners and collectors to beginning gardeners and casual hobbyists, the online plant catalog at Plant Delights Nursery fits your needs. If you design with flowering perennials you can search by bloom time or plant size. If you live in a rural or suburban area you can search by deer resistance. Those who fancy themselves botanists or conservationists can look at endangered species, grown and propagated at the nursery in the proper manner, of course. If you want to find plants based on just about any criteria, Plant Delights’ perennial flowers list is the place to look first. Whether you are starting a new cottage garden

As you look at the online plant catalog you'll know you are getting accurate information. Plant Delights Nursery grows, trials, even discovers and breeds many of the plants we sell. We are a nursery at a botanical garden and we perform our own research. As you read the plant height and flowering time you can rest assured that we likely took measurements by hand in the garden and obtained information from reliable sources. We even have a perennial encyclopedia that contains our past catalog entries to serve as a valuable asset to gardeners and plant people everywhere.

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