Double Hellebores for your Woodland Garden

Double Hellebores for your Woodland Garden

By Published January 27, 2016 Updated October 03, 2022

Helleborus is a genus of shade plants also known as Lenten Rose or Christmas Rose. Hellebores flower in the late winter when there is little else in bloom and so they are a great perennial to brighten the garden. Flowering generally finishes in lat April at jus the time other perennials are getting started. In addition, hellebores are deer-resistant which makes them perfect for those of you that lose too many plants to bambi. Plant Delights has a large collection of flowering Hellebore plants, many of which we grow from seed in-house. We also carry hellebores from the top breeders around the world. Hellebores are native to the Balkans and have been hybridized for at least the last 100 years resulting in amazing colors and many varieties of that are double flowered. So many species of helleborus have been brought together over the years that we now refer to the many sub-species of hellebores as Helleborus x hybridus.

Plant Delights is proud to carry a large selection of the rare double flowered hellebores from the famed Hellebore breeders, Ernie and Marietta O'Byrne of Oregon. They are primarily known for their Winter Jewels™ series of double hellebores. These hard to come by hellebores are perfect for the hellebore nut who already has all the singles. Double flowered Hellebores occur when the normally miniscule petals mutate to become large and colorful. Double Hellebores easily outshine single flowered varieties because of the added color and three-dimensionality that the extra petals provide. In addition to growing double hellebores from trusted breeders, we also make our own crosses and provide the best ones for sale at our nursery. Double hellebores provide an interesting variation to the standard single flowering varieties but are generally just as easy to maintain as their non-hybridized cousins.

Try pairing double hellebores with other double flowered shade plants to make a theme garden (call it 'double in the dark'). We recommend double flowered versions of convallaria, farfugium, and thalictrum. Hellebores are fantastic shade perennials that are easy-to-grow and thrive in the summer shade of water-loving deciduous trees. We hope you will give these incredible hybrids a shot and be sure to visit us at our Winter Open Nursery and Garden Days to when you can see the latest varieties.

In the video below, Tony explains the Hellebore production process at Plant Delights Nursery. See how our experts are constantly striving to generate new varieties of colorful double flowered hellebores.


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