Buy Perennial Plants from an Online Nursery

Buy Perennial Plants from an Online Nursery

By Published March 22, 2017 Updated June 22, 2022

Flowering perennial plants are a wonderful way to add color to the garden year after year. Flowers are a great way to add depth and brightness to an area. The rich bouquet of colors against lush green can be inspiring, just ask Monet. For that inspiration the best place to go is a flower nursery. However, the kind of flower nursery and the plants you buy matter. Rows of brightly colored pansies may be tempting, but their beauty is ephemeral, soon to fade away as all annuals do. But what do you do if you want gorgeous flowers that will come back?

Buy flowering perennial plants. Often perennial plants may flower at one time of the year, where an annual might flower all of its life span, but when your life span is six months or less it's really not impressive. A fruit fly in makeup is still going to go through its life in a few days regardless of how pretty it is and the same is true of plants. Longevity and growth are the hallmarks of perennials. Plants are rewarding to grow, most gardeners will tell you this. With perennials you get a sense of accomplishment over time as they grow and come back year after year. Beauty doesn't have to be fleeting unless you're an annual or a super model.

The diversity and beauty that can be found in flowering perennials plants is staggering. From unusual orchid blossoms, to pea-like flowers, to exotic birds of paradise, and many more, there are countless forms to fit any taste. Many annuals have perennial counterparts that are similar in appearance. If you like annual snap dragons there is a perennial form, Spanish snapdragon, that will come back year after year. If you like sweet peas, then try Chinese indigo. The diversity that can be found in nature and on the sites of an online flower nursery are amazing. So be amazed, and search the online catalog of Plant Delights Nursery.

A great place to find perennials plants is an online nursery. Some, like Plant Delights Nursery, only sell perennials plants, so you know that you are getting a true perennial that has been properly taken care of. Perennials have different growth and nutrient requirements than annuals, and not all nurseries or gardeners take this into account.

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