Full Sun Plants and Other Spring Perennials

Full Sun Plants and Other Spring Perennials

By Published August 21, 2018 Updated June 21, 2022

There is nothing quite like the spring garden, plants bursting forth en mass after their communal winter slumber. Bursts of flower color springing forth signal the end of winter and the reawakening of the plant world. This shout of new life lets you know it's time to have new life in your garden by buying spring perennials. Maybe you already planted some bulbs during fall, but after all that time sleeping, your plants deserve a few interesting full sun plants as friends to hang out with in the warming sun. Bring the life back into your garden with some unusual and showy full sun plants and spring perennials.

Plant Delights offers a wide range of spring perennials to help brighten up your garden. A great plant to help bring back the sunshine to your garden is Paeonia 'Bartzella' with its massive yellow blossoms like miniature suns, in the late spring. Our other peonies are also great choices for spring blooming full sun plants. If you want a little color to help ease the transition from winter to spring then Ipheion is a great spring perennial that starts blooming in late winter and keeps going into spring. To continue that color we have a wide variety of hard to find irises that will keep you in flower from late winter to midsummer, both in full sun plants and those that will take varying degrees of shade. Bletilla, cypripediums (lady slipper orchid) and calanthe orchids add a more exotic touch to the spring garden in areas with part sun.

One of the most impressive native spring perennials we sell are the baptisias, or redneck lupines. These are beautiful heat and drought tolerant full sun plants, once established. We sell a wide variety of them in multiple forms and colors. These plants are beautiful upright shrubby perennials that form impressive elegant bushes that die back every year and grow from the base ensuring a healthy and sculpted form. Even without blooming they would be worth having, but they do bloom with large spikes of lupine like flowers in the spring.

Some spring perennials are worth having not for their flowers, but for their impressive foliage. If you have a wet place in your garden, few plants are as impressive in form as the pitcher plants or trumpet plants, or sarracenia. These trumpet-like or hooded carnivorous plants bring interest to the sun garden with their brightly colored upright trumpet shaped leaves. If you have a shade garden our wide variety of hard to find hostas are a great place to turn to for exciting spring foliage. If you want something different to liven up your garden during spring then Plant Delights Nursery has the plants to spring for.

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