Banana Tree Plants Add a Tropical Touch

Banana Tree Plants Add a Tropical Touch

By Published August 14, 2018 Updated June 14, 2022

Banana trees are not simply for tropical areas. There are a number of regions in North America where banana trees will thrive. If you are looking for quality banana tree plants for sale, Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. has them. Our selection of quality performing banana trees will add the perfect tropical touch to any garden. Banana trees do require sunlight so they should not be planted in heavily shaded areas. We offer hostas and other shade plants that will add color and beauty to shaded areas and perennials such as the banana trees for other areas that do receive adequate sunlight each day.

If you have always thought about adding a banana tree to your garden area, we can help you to determine if this plant will thrive in your specific climate. Our staff is knowledgeable about every perennial that we sell and can help you to determine which specific plants will be best for your specific growing region and climate. We offer a wide selection of banana trees as well as other tropical type plants including some that are native to North America. Banana trees are hardy plants and typically grow to be about 16 or 20 feet tall with thick, green stems. Yellow-orange colored flowers bloom from the top of the stem with small clusters of bananas.

Banana plants are wonderful plants to add an interesting element to any gardening area. We offer a wide range of perennial plants from banana trees to hostas and others that will enable you to build a unique garden. All of our perennials are high performers and will give you many years of beautiful gardens if they are cared for properly. We can provide you with information on how to properly plant your perennials and how to care for them so that they will greet you year after year.

Whether you are looking to add an interesting banana tree to your perennial garden or you have a more traditional theme in mind, Plant Delights can help you to find the right perennial plants and flowers for your specific gardening preferences. You can see all of the beautiful plants that we have for sale by browsing our website or you can visit us in person during our open house days to see our wide selection. Feel free to contact us directly at Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. with any questions or for assistance in choosing the right perennial plants for your unique gardening area.

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