Add Interest To Your Garden with a Banana Tree

Add Interest To Your Garden with a Banana Tree

By Published May 15, 2016 Updated June 15, 2022

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to live in the tropics in order to plant and grow a banana tree. These trees are a beautiful addition to any garden area and can be grown in a number of US hardiness zones. If you care for them properly, banana trees can grow virtually anywhere the winters permit, and will allow you to make your garden area completely unique. Banana trees simply need light soil and direct sunlight and they will greet you year after year. When panted in the proper zone, bananas are perennials which mean that you simply have to plant them once and they will return for many years, provided you care for them properly.

In addition to banana trees, Plant Delights Nursery offers a number of other perennial plants that allow you to completely customize your landscaping theme. Whether you prefer traditional plants such as Hostas or like something a bit more exotic like elephant ears, we can help you to choose the plants that will give you a beautiful garden to enjoy for many years. We offer informative articles that will help you to choose the right plants for your growing area and allow our customers to visit us and see our gardens during our Open House Days.

Plant Delights Nursery chooses and sells only the best performing perennial plants from around the world. All of our perennial plants are of the highest quality and will provide you with many years of beauty. 

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