Plants for Canadian Gardens

Whether you're a lifelong Canuck or current events have you considering a move to the Great White North, we have a great selection of plants that will be right at home in your Canadian garden. We've noted some of our favorite Canadian cities below. Just click the city name for a list of plants suitable for its zone. You can also search by zone in the search box above to find plants suitable for any location. 

Note: There are restrictions preventing us from shipping certain plants from the US to Canada so not all plants in the links below may be available. (Ref: CITES and CITES Plant List - Most notably, orchids, venus fly traps, and cacti)

Vancouver, BC - Zone 8b Hamilton, ON - Zone 6b Toronto, ON - Zone 6b Montreal, QC - Zone 5b
Quebec City, QC - Zone 5a Ottawa, ON - Zone 4b Calgary, AB - Zone 4a Edmonton, AB - Zone 3b


Canada's Plant Hardiness Zones

For more information on Canada's Plant Hardiness Zones, visit

Map of Canadian Hardiness Zones