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More Information About Zexmenia

Zexmenia is another in the long line of North and Central American native aster relatives. In the US, Zexmenia can be found from Virginia to Colorado in the North and from Florida to Arizona in the South. Like many plants from the Midwest, Zexmenia is cold- and drought-tolerant and adapts well to poor soils. Zexmenia flowers over a long period in summer with small, gold to orange, daisy-like flowers. The flowers attract butterflies (a plus) but the leaves are occasionally browsed by deer (a minus). Zexmenia is an excellent xeric plant for gardens in Zone 7 and warmer. Give zexmenia well-drained soil, plenty of sun and a little water and it will thrive. When you are ready to buy zexmenia for your garden, check out our online list of zexmenia for sale.