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Trismeria (Swamp Fern)

More Information About Trismeria

Trismeria is a monotypic genus of little-known, unusual ferns from tropical and subtropical Americas. Until recently the only place in the US that trismeria was thought to grow was in southern Florida. However, sole species, Trismeria trifoliata, has proven to be cold hardy in many parts of the Southeast.

Trismeria trifoliata is probably the most un-fern-like fern you'll ever see. The leaflets are arranged on the frond in 3-D whorls about the central axis of the frond, and not in a two dimensional plane like most fern fronds. This feature is somewhat reminiscent of goldenrod leaves, hence the common name, goldenrod fern.

Trismeria is a large garden fern, with plants sometimes reaching 6' in height. It forms a slowly expanding clump with a formal look in the garden. Like most garden ferns, trismeria plants prefer partial shade and moist, rich, well-drained soil.

Some taxonomists have lumped trismeria with genus pityogramma because they hybridize easily while others insist that trismeria is a separate genus based on its unique morphology. Why can't the taxonomists all just get along? When you are ready to buy trismeria for your perennial garden, check out our online offering of trismeria for sale.

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