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Tremacron (olden Tremacron)

The genus Tremacron is little known outside of its native China. There are 7 small statured species in the genus Tremacron and all produce little clusters of flowers in red, white, or yellow.

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More Information About Tremacron

In the wild, Tremacron species live primarily in the botanically rich Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan in the southern part of the country. The plants are small, rossettes of scalloped leaves from wich arise stalks that hold dangling little flowers. Tremacron are cute little plants that deserve a spot in the rock garden of gardeners who like rare and unusual plants.

The etymology of the name Tremacron is as esoteric as the plants themselves. Tremacron comes from the Greek trema (pore) and akron (tip) and alludes to how the anthers open up when the pollen is ripe. The genus Tremacron is a gesneriad, which is a fancy way of saying that it is a botanical cousin to African violet, Sinningia, and Gloxinia.

In the wild Tremacron lives in hilly, rocky areas and should therefore be given a well-drained spot in the garden. They prefer partial to full sun and consistent moisture.