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Tephrosia (Goat-rue)

More Information About Tephrosia

Tephrosia is a Baptisia relative whose species grow all over the world and is known for its fuzzy silvery leaves and pea-like flowers. The common name Goat-rue comes from the fact that many Tephrosia species are toxic to animals, especially insects and fish. Despite this, Tephrosia has also been used as a medicinal plant in several cultures to treat diseases like rheumatism and tuberculosis as well as to remove ticks from livestock.

In the summer Tephrosia produces pea-like flowers which are followed by attractive peapod-like seed heads. The hardy Tephrosia offerred here at Plant Delights are tough, adaptable, and easy to grow. Combined with its attractive flowers and ornamental seeds, who wouldn't want a Tephrosia? When you're ready to buy Tephrosia for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online list of Tephrosia for sale.