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More Information About Sternbergia

Sternbergia is a small genus of around 8 species from Europe and Asia that are closely related to amaryllis and (as the common name implies) narcissus. Sternbergia plants are small?similar to a crocus in stature and produce golden-yellow, goblet-shaped flowers during fall, winter, or spring depending on the species. One species in particular, Sternbergia lutea, has become widely used as a fall-blooming ornamental plant.

In the wild, Sternbergia lives in rocky soils, on hilly locations and requires excellent drainage in the garden. Sternbergia prefers full sun and consistent moisture, too. Its small size and need for well-drained soil makes sternbergia perfect for a rock garden, small container, or on a slope. Sternbergia looks good when grown in large drifts, or when paired with other attractive winter plants such as cyclamen, sedum, or agave. Like its amaryllis relatives, Sternbergia is toxic and thus unpalatable to deer. When you're ready to buy sternbergia, check out our online list of sternbergia bulbs for sale.