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More Information About Solidaster

x Solidaster is a cross between two North American native plants, Aster ptarmicoides and Solidago canadensis that first occurred in 1910 at the Leonard Lille Nursery in Lyon France. The large clusters of tiny golden flowers make x Solidaster a nice filler plant in the garden, and since the cut flowers last a long time and dry well, x Solidaster is better known as a nice vase filler. In the garden x Solidaster will produce its golden display from mid-summer to fall.

Being a bigeneric hybrid, x Solidaster displays traits intermediate between its parents. From the aster side of the family x Solidaster inherits a lower, more controlled growth habit and larger flowers than solidago. From the solidago side, it inherits the golden color and profuse flower clusters. Some taxonomists argue that the aster parent really belongs in genus Solidago, meaning that in some catalogs, x Solidaster will be listed along with all the other typical goldenrods.

Try pairing x Solidaster with other summer and fall bloomers like Asclepias, Echinacea, Buddleia and Salvia. When you are ready to buy x Solidaster for your garden, check out our online list of x Solidaster for sale below.