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More Information About Senecio

The genus Senecio is one of those huge plant genera with lots of ornamental uses. Senecio contains over 1400 species that vary widely from annuals to perennials, and includes succulents, vines, shrubs, and even trees.

Recently, taxonomists have been moving species out of Senecio and into other genera such as Delairea, Kleinia, Packera and 3 dozen other obscure names. Some of the better-known species of Senecio include the florists Cineraria, the ubiquitous landscape plant, Dusty Miller, the popular annual Mexican Flame Vine, the common potted succulents Blue Finger and String of Pearls and dozens of others. We, of course, are offering the perennial members of the genus that do well in our Raleigh, NC garden. We hope you like the Senecio selections that we have made for you. When you are ready to buy Senecio for your garden, check out our online list of Senecio for sale.