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More Information About Rostrinucula

The genus rostrinucula contains just 2 species, both endemic to central China (Shaanxi to Sichuan). Rostrinucula plants are deciduous shrubs/perennials in the mint family that bear a passing resemblance to buddleia, in both leaf and flower form.

Rostrinucula is uncommon in gardens and has few common names. The University of British Columbia Botanical Garden has analyzed the Latin roots of the scientific name rostrinucula and suggests "Droopy Snout Shrub" or "Pendulous Beaked-Bract Bush".

Both rostrinucula species form perennial shrubs with long, pendent, purple flower heads. Rostrinucula prefers full sun and well-drained soil and is generally a pretty tough plant. Try combining rostrinucula with Muhlenbergia capillaris, Caryopteris divaricata, or other fall-flowering perennials for some funky color and texture combinations. When you are ready to buy rostrinucula for your perennial garden, we hope you'll check out our online offering of rostrinucula for sale.