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More Information About Rhodocoma

Those of you on the West Coast may be familiar with the South African genus rhodocoma. Your Mediterranean-like climate is perfect for rhodocoma and you can choose from any of the 8 species in the genus . Here in the Southeast, rhodocoma is uncommon as restios (so called because they are in the family Restionaceae) are generally not well suited to our humid, wet summers and cold winters. However, one species, Rhodocoma capensis, has adapted to our climate and makes an interesting landscape or container plant.

Rhodocoma is a genus of grass-, rush- or sedge-like plants that are used in the garden like ornamental grasses. Rhodocoma plants have a wonderfully feathery foliage and make a great accent plant. If you find yourself without a broom, you can cut a few culms of Rhodocoma and use them as they used to in South Africa.

Rhodocoma is a typical Mediterranean climate plant, adapted to hot dry summers and cool wet winters. It needs a sunny site and well-drained soil. When you are ready to buy rhodocoma for your perennial garden, check out our online offering of rhodocoma for sale.